What should I know before my service?

Velvet Bee Wax & Beauty Studio is located inside of A SUITE SALON in the Bradford Plaza Shopping center. Land marks are the Publix and we are located on the corner of High house and Davis drive.

There is a call box on the outside of the building, simply type in "119" and press the bell button.

How early do I need to arrive to my appointment?

You can arrive right on time, online booking is preferred and all forms should be filled out prior to your appointment. I have built in time to perform the entire service, and checkout.  

What type of wax do you use?

Here at Velvet Bee we use a high quality hard wax. We have two different types of wax. One for very sensitive skin and one for normal skin types. I will evaluate your skin and choose what I feel will lift the most hair during your service with the least reaction. Both of these waxes are designed to be less painful and more efficient.

How long does my hair need to be to get a clean wax?

We recommend to atleast have 3 weeks of hair growth to get the best waxing results. As your hair cycle grows in three stages this is what we prefer, although everyones hair growth is different we can also suggest the length of a grain of rice to get the cleanest wax. Waxing consistently is important and we recommend you visit every 3-4 weeks to give you the best results in the future.

How can I save money?

Check out our social media accounts or ask us about our referral program and packages we offer.